Lufthansa Eyeing Airbus A220

Critical Thinking: What Would A Repression-Informed Society Look Like?

It is not uncommon for the average person, and even for those who are working in the area of ‘mental health’, to believe that they, along with their fellow human beings, only have one mind. They are then going to have a conscious mind and a physical body and that will be all they are.

Ageing in Place: Audit Your Home for Accessibility and Safety

Most of us want to stay in our homes as we age. How do we do that with safety and security in mind? How to audit your or a loved one’s home.

Networking and Sustainability

Make your networking efforts count in the long run. Use these tips to be more efficient, effective and conscious in your networking activities.

How To Achieve Stress RELIEF?

Although, stress, left, uncontrolled, and without any attempt to effectively, proactively, address, risk, a debilitating set of experiences, and life, few people, seem to pay, nearly, as much attention, to this, as they probably, should! There are a variety of stress management techniques, etc, one might use, both, prescribed, and common sense, behavioral approaches, but, this article, will attempt to comply with my book, Natural Alternatives for Stress Relief, and discuss, only those, non – drug – related, possibilities, and/ or, approaches. After, over four decades of personal involvement, in many activities, related to this concept, from being an executive with…

Why Leaders Need Highest ETHICS?

Although. the world, would probably, be, a far – better place, if, everyone, held themselves to a higher ethical standard, since, a leader, in order to, truly, effectively, serve and represent, the best interests of his organization, and stakeholders, we must insist, these individuals, are held to the highest, possible standards! True leaders must, therefore, be held to a higher level of behavior, ans the highest, possible standards, of personal ETHICS!

5 Industries Where Vaccine Mandates Are Needed For Public Health Concerns!

To those, claiming, mandating vaccines, is some sort of violation of their personal rights, and freedoms, I respond, when it comes to deciding between an individual’s perceived right, and the overall, common good, this nation, throughout its history, has chosen the greater good! Excuses, such as it violating their religious freedoms, flies – in – the face, of the fact, no major religion, is claiming so! The Pope, as well as the leaders of other nearly – all, other religions, have suggested/ urged their flock, to get vaccinated!

How to Give Your Heart a Voice

We go along with life, forming impressions in mind and judging everything, giving rise to various kinds of thoughts that exhaust us. Is there a better way? Look inside to find out.

Where Does the Meaning and Purpose of Life Come From?

We share our biological purpose with every other living organism, which is to perpetuate our existence through metabolism, procreation, cooperation and competition. However, once we rise above the business of our survival, the question of the meaning and purpose of life becomes of great importance.

I Can Never Have Too Much Ice Cream

It was one of those hectic weeks that flew by, and I didn’t know it until the end of the week. Friday night at supper time, it was one of those sneaky crashes. But, unfortunately, all the energy during the week had been pushing both of us forward, and we had no options but to keep plowing ahead. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t know I’m being pushed until the push is over. And Friday is the time for that push accounting. It was a quiet dinner because both of us had pushed the limits of exhaustion. Then, during the week, something happened and put us behind just when we thought we had caught up. Getting behind sometimes is not a choice and has a way of sneaking up on you and catching you off guard. I had come to the point where I had enough. Enough is enough; let’s get on with life.

Can A Mother-Enmeshed Man Fear Leaving His Mothers World?

If a man is in a position where he is emotionally entangled with his mother, it is likely to stop him from living his own life. Instead of being aware of his own needs and doing what he can to meet them, he is likely to be focused on his mother’s needs and do what he can to meet them.